Career at Voltamp Electrical Contractors, Inc.

Electrical Engineer needed to perform the following Job duties
  • Perform job surveys with multiple disciplines to coordinate workflow, schedules, and milestones.
  • Prepare Shop Drawings, Submittals, Electrical distribution Bulletins, Markup drawings.
  • Resolve design issues with project representative of the NYC Transit Authority.
  • Work Closely with ConEdison engineers to calculate Symmetrical Short circuit-current for existing 3-Phase system.
  • Perform the load calculations for a system contingency during system integration between NYCT sub-stations and yard facilities.
  • Study the installation of various control panels confirming Voltage drop calculations, overload calculations for motors.
  • Prepare design drawings for outdoor installations of local Maintenance switches complying all NEC and NFPA Requirements.
  • Maintain the existing security devices and installation of New Security doors and integrate the panel wirings for Facilities.
  • Replace Existing Motor Control Centers with new controls and maintain the remote accessibility using new control wiring and relay logistics.
  • Survey NYCT as well as private facilities for installation of New ADA Elevators.
  • Upgrade of existing station public address system with new speaker systems.
  • Prepare Communication Bulletin for demolition of existing CCTV Cabinet and coordinate work with NYCT Electronics and Electrical Maintenance Department.
  • Calculate voltage drop and the circuit tapping rules to provide temporary construction power as well as the main service Inside the Elevator Machine Rooms.
  • Perform design, implementation, configuration and Installation of OSPF network for MTA Communication rooms.
  • To make a phasing plan and SAT documents and perform it in the presence of authorized personnel.
  • Oversight of new NYCT Access Nodes, Application Nodes, CCTV Systems and access control installations at various Stations.
  • Perform integration and testing of 12-strend and 36-strand Single Mode Fiber (SMF).
  • Extensively Coordinate with NYCT CPM and Designer to come up with alternate or new power system design.
  • Supervise installation of (6) 4000A DC breakers.
  • Produce interconnection and control schematics for breaker lineup.
  • Supervise the extensive installation of 2000 KCMIL positive feeders on the overhead trestle.
  • Execute the installation of control and battery cables from DC lineup to zone substation for remote operation.
  • Relay settings for breaker operation, emergency trips, as well as CBH access intrusion.
  • Prepare all power As-Builts and Operation & Maintenance Manuals.
  • Manage GO scheduling with NYCT TRO and User Group in order to perform 3rd Rail track connections.
  • Coordinate with NYCT TRO/SCADA / User group Remote Control Center to conduct field commissioning of all power equipment inside the circuit breaker house to ensure proper functionality.
  • Prepare Electrical & Communications As-builts.
  • Prepare Operation and Maintenance Manuals for NYCT user Department, Hydraulics department.
  • Perform field commissioning inspections with Lighting and EMD of NYC Transit Authority.
  • Perform Final Remote testing with Rail Control Center or Power Control Center users.
  • Perform Final inspection with NYCT Code Compliance group to make sure new work is as per NEC codes.
  • Address final Punchlist items and Close-out the construction phase of the job.

  • Bachelor’s degree required in Electrical Engineering or Electrical and Computer Engineering. Please email your CV on

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