Technical Summary

Captive Power Plant

Operation of TEMPEST model Gas Turbine of ALSTOM Power, U.K.
• Gas Turbine Controls / Programming
• Gas Compressors Control System
• Heat Recovery Steam Generation Boiler Control System
• Electrical Alternator and related equipments Protection Systems

Electromagnetic Machines

Operation and maintenance of :
• Automation of Transformers Protection Systems
• High Voltage / Low voltage motor current signature analysis
• Synchronous Generator Control and Protection Systems
• Infra Red Thermography

Power Electronics

Operation and Maintenance of:
• Variable Speed Drives
• Uninterrupted Power Supply
• Thyristorized Controlled Thermic Fluid Heating System

Power Distribution Switchboards

Installation, Commissioning and routine maintenance of indoor switchgears systems

Protection Relays & Protection Schemes

Installation, Commissioning and Testing of various Protection schemes like • Over current and Residual Earth fault current protection
• Integrated Motor protection
• Integrated Generator & Generator-Transformer Protection.
• Differential Protection.
• Pilot wire protection.
• Restricted Earth fault protection.
• Distance Protection.
• Frequency and Voltage Protection.
Excellent familiarity with application of various Electromechanical / Static / Digital / Numerical Relays like
• English Electric make Electromechanical relays
• Alstom and Siemens make Numerical relays like LGPG-111, “K” Series relays, 7SJ series relays etc.
• Working with Disturbance Recording, Wave form capturing and Fault analysis software like DIGSI / DIGRA (Siemens) and PAST (Alstom).
Diesel Generating Set Automatic Mains Failure Panel installation and Control System for 1 MW Cummins make Diesel Generating Set

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